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Solar Hot Water

+ Safe Natural Light

integrated into a modular

building panel  

PlexiSun™ is a new approach to Solar Hot Water.


PlexiSun™ is a modular solar hot water building system, that is scalable and integrates the cost savings of hot water heated by the sun into the building envelope, with a clean and contemporary aesthetic. Our patented reflection technology increases PlexiSun’s™ heating efficiency while deflecting damaging light from the sun. So, not only do you get free hot water, you also get safe natural light.


PlexiSun™ roof panels (collectors) are supplied ready to install for either a DIY project or by your certified builder.  These panels fit together side by side to form a seamless watertight roof which is secured and locked together with a unique time saving patent pending mounting system. A single water connection between each panel plus a built in maintenance port identifies the location of any leaks or issues, allowing any maintenance work to be carried out without any dismantling or expensive reconstruction.

For commercial applications PlexiSun™ can feed heated water into a central tank for communal use, and provide safe ambient internal light, reducing lighting and air-conditioning costs. For industrial applications PlexiSun™ can be scaled to any required volume of water - large or small.


PlexiSun™ panels are 1065mm wide and range from 2metres long for awnings etc right up to 6 metres length for long-run. These can be overlapped if longer lengths are required. Patent Pending  construction design is from high quality long life building materials. PlexiSun™ connects to any water management and control system.

So whatever the application, once PlexiSun™ is up you can expect to be reaping the cost savings long after it has paid for itself.  


Solar powered Beer

PlexiSun™ has been integrated into the day to day operations at the Ballistic Beer Company in Brisbane Australia.


Fully assembled panels were delivered to the site where the existing steel long run roof sheets were removed. PlexiSun™ was bolted onto the existing purlins in the historic WW2 munitions building, opening up a previously dark and under utilised area of the brewery with safe natural light.


Large volumes of solar heated water travel through a closed loop format constantly circulating through two 500 litre holding tanks, controlled by a sensor activated pump, and with full data monitoring. Despite the roof surface facing 3 degrees to the SSE instead of the ideal 26 degrees to the North for the locality, PlexiSun™ is providing considerable hassle-free savings to the craft brewer.


This PlexiSun™ system was customised to use stainless steel heating filaments to match the Ballistic pipes and tanks used in their operation, so as not to compromise the quality and "craft" of their unique high quality beer.









kWh per m2


12 months

 51m2 system

kWh value per annum in $AU




PlexiSun for Residential

Unlike current bolt-on roof top solar hot water heaters, PlexiSun™ gives you more than one benefit; solar hot water and natural light with an architectural contemporary design, that can be specified with the latest finishes or with traditional colours for older houses.


With hot water accounting for up to 40% of a household power bill, it's a no brainer that reducing your hot water costs reduces your power bill. By installing PlexiSun™ to combine hot water and natural light into your homes design, you’re not only reducing your energy bill but also building payback into your construction costs.


Modern hot water tanks are insulated and act as the "battery" that stores the heat energy generated, just like PV batteries store power for electricity. By installing PlexiSun™ to generate your hot water, electricity is used for lighting and appliances and less for expensive inefficient water heating. If you combine solar hot water and solar electricity, off grid self sufficiency is closer to reality. 

Installation is simple for a prepared site and can be a DIY project in some cases. The water connects in the same way as current solar water heaters, but in a clean uncluttered way with the water feeding plumbing being contained within the panels.


PlexiSun for Commercial

If a business or industry needs hot water or heat energy, then PlexiSun™ can provide a solution. 


In warehousing and factory operations skylights can be replaced with long run PlexiSun™ panels. This way your business retains natural light while subsidising your hot water costs and lighting costs. 


For commercial and residential apartment precincts PlexiSun™ can provide large volumes of hot water into the building infrastructure with cost savings to the tenants or the building's owners. PlexiSun™ can also address a number of district heating challenges including reduction in lighting and air-conditioning outgoings. PlexiSun™ is perfect for safe light shelter from the elements in community spaces or transit areas. 


For industrial operations, particularly those involved in food processing and sanitation where hot water is a regulatory requirement, the economic benefits of reducing or subsidising existing heating costs are vast. 


If non - potable water is used there are cheaper heating filament options available reducing overall build costs, and reducing payback periods. Categories such as dairy and agri/aquaculture can build those savings into their infrastructure investment, as can greenhouses which require temperature controlled environments and use heated water to maintain consistent soil temperatures for year round growing. 


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